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Sam Hershey Announces WCPSS School Board District 6 Candidacy

In April, my school board representative, Christine Kushner, asked me to consider running for her seat. With a N&O article coming out today or tomorrow on the topic, it's time to announce officially and let you know I said yes.

As the father of a public school kid, I'm running for Wake County School Board District 6. Some of the issues I will focus on include:

  • Staffing shortages (teachers, social workers, nurses, bus drivers, sports officials)

  • School safety issues (lockdowns, bullying)

  • Better teacher pay and school funding

  • A better support system/incentives for short and long term substitutes

  • Learning loss from the COVID pandemic

  • Annual learning interruptions that happen every year with students

  • Create a better system to receive constructive feedback from teachers, students and parents

  • Green schools starting with solar panels on all schools

Unfortunately, some people who might be running for school board seem more interested in partisan politics and tearing people down, rather than working to make Wake Public Schools the best they can be. We have a great public school system and I will work hard to keep it great while asking the community to help me and the entire school board make it even better!

I will work with integrity and transparency, with inclusiveness and with an open-mind as I listen to the views of others. At the end of the day, I believe I owe that to my son, your children, and all our students. Our students are the future and they deserve our best efforts.

I'm happy to answer any questions. I’m looking forward to getting on the campaign trail, meeting all of you, and asking you for your support and your vote. My hope is, you'll say yes.

- Sam


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