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I'm proud to announce all of these endorsements. My current Wake County School Board Representative, Christine Kushner, Wake County Commissioner Vickie Adamson, my current State Senator Jay Chaudhuri, and my soon to be new State Senator in a new seat, Lisa Grafstein. Christine: Sam is a Douglas Dragon PTA Dad and entrepreneur who has been active in Wake County athletics as a coach or referee for nearly two decades. He has the perfect experience to bring to the Board to advocate for our children. I enthusiastically support Sam for this important work. Vickie: Sam is a hard-working public school advocate who will focus on improving education for our community’s children. He is likable, easy to work with, and dedicated to his community. We are lucky he has stepped up to serve on the School Board, one of the toughest jobs in this County!

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christopher allen
christopher allen
29 de ago. de 2022

Never ever send a spam text to my phone again. I get enough spam through email. I don’t need it on my personal cell phone.

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