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Graduation/End of Year Celebrations

My first slate of end of year graduations was a lot of fun. I'm really happy for the students that finished up their high school careers and I appreciate all the families that elected to send their kids to our schools. Thank you for being a part of the WCPSS. I focused on attending the schools that are in District 6:

  • Young Men's and Young Women's Leadership Academies had their graduation at Meymandi Concert Hall.

  • Brought High School was in their gym. I'm pretty sure they are the only HS with that ability and it's a very cool experience.

  • Sanderson High School was the final graduation ceremony for traditional calendar schools and that was at the Convention Center.

I also made it to a couple of other celebrations. The picture depicting Jurassic Park was put on by the staff at Partnership elementary. That was very entertaining.

The final event was at Mt. Vernon Middle School to celebrate the 8th grade promotions. Mt Vernon is an alternative learning school. They have three programs designed to help get students back on track before they head to their base high schools. There were a lot of very proud students and families celebrating the work they've accomplished.

Congratulations to all that are moving up to their next schools or to their next journey in life. As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. My official board email is


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